Finance & Internal Auditing

Preparation, implementation and analysis of cash flow projections, budgets and forecasts in conjunction with management.

Periodic and confidential internal audits allow the business owner to identify weaknesses in the company's financial systems. Corrective procedures can then be put in place so that the business owner can be sure his accounts reflect the actual financial position of the company, at all times.

A comprehensive accounting and administration manual and check list can be provided to the company to ensure procedures are being followed at all times.

Figurro Accounting Software

Figurro is versatile, easy to use and effective accounting software designed and developed by PMC. Figurro uses a comprehensive series of fully integrated accounting and inventory modules enabling users to obtain vital, up-to-date, real time information about their business.

No matter if you run a large multinational organization or a small business,Figurro has the potential to provide you with all your accounting and inventory management needs giving you the power to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

Contract Accounting

For many small and medium sized companies, hiring a full time accountant is not only prohibitively expensive but also unnecessary given the relatively small volume of accountancy work required.However, neglect of the accounting function can prove to be a very costly error and unless the financial affairs of a business are closely monitored, unnecessary problems can easily occur which can negatively impact on the financial credibility of an organisation and in the worst case scenario, result in the failure of the business.

For a model monthly retainer fee, PMC can take care of the entire accounts function for your company and provide you with an efficient,cost effective solution to manage your financial affairs and help plan your ongoing financial strategies. As an intergral part of the services we offer,in-depth monthly reports which will provide you with information in the following areas.

  • Creation and implementation of flow systems to coordinate the various activities and functional needs within an established and controlled 'internal audit' trail.
  • On-going management accounting support,scrutiny and verification of accounts and subsidiary ledgers on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis,to international accounting standards.
  • Implementation of controls within the organization in order to track revenues and relevant costs on a month to month basis
  • Creation,implementation and ongoing analysis of cash flow forecasts and budgets in consultation with management
  • Periodic staff meetings to gauge the continuity of controls being maintained and to gather data for the provision of management accounts
  • Efficient and timely retrieval of financial and management information with emphasis on overheads and job costing.
  • Provision of monthly financial packs to management focusing on specific data and customized reports as requested by the company.
  • Analysis of operational financial status and revenues derived from operations and cash flows.
  • Banking
  • Follow up on accounts receivable.

Individual Services

For those companies who do not need to outsource their entire accounts function, we are able to provide individual services,enabling you to make the best use of your in-house resources with the added security that PMC are performing additional checks and balances on your financials to endorse tranparency and accountability within your organisation.

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Internal Audit

PMC makes sure that your systems and procedures are in place and your financials are REALLY under control.

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Banking service

As an intergral part of our service, PMC will manage the company's banking function in its' entirety.

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Budget and Forecasts

PMC can provide a full budget preparation service and help in long-range forecasts for your business.

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MIS Reporting

MIS helps the management team of a compnay to take vital buisness decisions.